“Let’s Talk Real Estate! “DATES ARE IMPORTANT” Aug 5th, 2020


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Lets Talk Real Estate!


A Real estate contract is legal document containing many specific negotiated details. Agreed-upon dates are perhaps the most important of these details. Of primary concern is the day of the closing. Moving trucks will need to be ordered, cleaners arranged, animals transported, and kids kept happy. This is a date you may need to move heaven and earth to honor. Also important are the dates of building inspections, when to expect the result of these, and any potential negotations, when to expect the result of these, and any potential negotiations that may arise. Timelines relating to first and second deposits, the mortgage commitment, and apprasial results are all to be taken seriously. If you don’t honor one of these, it can delay the closing and even cost you money. Keeping it all straight to your mind can be a daunting task in view of all that needs to be accomplished in a short, yet intensive time. So do yourself a favor and keep a calendar dedicated solely to your real estate appointments, and refer to it often. Mark the first appointment on your calendar with a call or a visit to our office.  “OUR SUCCESS HAS BEEN BUILT ONE SATISIFIED CUSTOMER AT A TIME.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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