“Lets Talk Real Estate!” ASSESSED VALUE VS. MARKET VALUE” June 12th, 2024


Understanding the difference between assessed value and market value is essential for those looking to buy or sell their home.  The primary difference between assessed value market value their purposes.  Assessed value refers to how much is owed in property taxes, while market value refers to what property is worth.  The assessed value of a home doesn’t come into play during the sales process, only when the house has sold.  Typically, a property appraiser inspects the property and considers lot size, square footage, curb appeal, quality of maintenance, appliance condition, and comparable properties in the area, which determine the market value.  Working with a knowledgeable real estate agent helps potential buyers and sellers better understand the marketplace.

One of our strengths is knowing how to combine an objective evaluation of a property with a realistic assessment of market conditions in order to establish an accurate, fair price.  When you choose us as your real estates to sell your home, we will provide you with a market analysis of your home as well as an individualized marketing plan. Begin the process with a call to our office.   “OUR SUCCESS HAS BEEN BUILT ONE SATISFIED CUSTOMER AT A TIME.”

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