“Lets Talk Real Estate! “The Appeal of Custom Closets? ” July 20th, 2022

Mid Realty officeJarlynn Hyde

The Appeal of Custom Closets

Some custom closets are so beautifully designed that it is a shame to close their doors, which is why so many  no longer have doors to close.  Because this type of remodel can be pricy, you may want to consider whether it will add resale value to your home.  In most cases the answer is “yes.”  A magnificent walk-in closet can make up a smaller master bedroom, even making it feel a bit larger.  If the closet itself is on the smaller size, customization can optimize the space, making it more appealing to buyers.  Seeing a perfectly organized closet can start a potential buyer imagining his or her own items occupying the space.  Whether it concerns custom details or redefining spaces, we can advise you on many ways to make your home as appealing as possible to potential buyers.  When it comes time to sell, we will put 55 + years of training, expertise , and experience to good use to get you the price you are looking for.  There’s no need to go through the selling/buying process alone, not when we are so close by.  Dreams start to come true when you call us for help with your real estate needs.  “OUR SUCCESS HAS BEEN BUILT ONE SATISIFIED CUSTOMER AT A TIME.”

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