“Lets Talk Real Estate!” HOME INSPECTIONS FOR SELLERS” May 8th, 2024

Jarlynn Hyde“”

A buyer isn’t the only one who can hire a home inspector. For those homeowners thinking of selling their house, getting a pre-sale home inspection is a good idea. Although it isn’t mandatory, it is helpful in getting the best price possible. In addition, some homebuyers feel uncomfortable purchasing the house without seeing the home inspection. While many potential buyers will often hire their own inspector, it’s still better to be proactive. A pre-sale inspection will give the seller a better idea of any potential problems or defects before they arise during the buyer’s inspection period. Plumbing, electrical, ventilation, appliances, and anything else that will be sold to the buyer are included in the inspection.

See for yourself how putting your real estate needs in the hands of a professional can bring your buying or selling transaction to a successful conclusion. The more effort you make to keep your home in pristine condition, the more you’ll increase your chances of attracting serious buyers willing to pay top dollar. And a professional home inspection can pinpoint ways  to maximize your home’s potential. And so can we! “OUR SUCCESS HAS BEEN BUILT ONE SATISIFIED CUSTOMER AT A TIME.”

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