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“Thinking Buying A Second Home?” September 14th, 2021

Mid Realty officeJarlynn Hyde

Lets Talk Real Estate!

“Thinking Buying A Second Home? “

If you have always dreamed of having your own vacation home, or when you your work keeps you in the city and you want a getaway place for the weekends and holidays, consider owning a second home.  Although this may mean extra responsibilities, it can enhance both your life and portfolio.  Once you’ve run your numbers and determined that you can afford the additional mortgage, property tax, utilities, and property management fees, there are other things to consider.  What are your long term-goals?  For instance, are you seeking a place to retire to one day?  Could you benefit from renting the property out to tourists a few weeks a year?  Take the time to think of all the possibilities before buying.  Contemplating the purchase of  second home?  Is it time to sell your current home?  Using the services of an experienced, detail-oriented real estate agent is one of the smartest moves you can make whether you’re looking to buy or sell because we think of things you probably never considered before.  We will use the full range of our expertise, knowledge, and commitment to achieve the results you’re looking for when it comes time to buy or sell.  To set up a consultation, please give us a call.  “OUR SUCCESS HAS BEEN BUILT ONE SATISIFIED CUSTOMER AT A TIME.”


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