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“Let’s Talk Real Estate! “TOOT YOUR HORN” February 19th, 2020

Mid Realty officeJarlynn Hyde

Lets Talk Real Estate!


Ther’s a lot at stake when selling your home. It’s emotionally grueling, expensive, time consuming, invasive, and  a lot of work. That is why a seller should do everything possible to help themselves sell a house. One thing you never want to do is assume the buyer’s agent or the buyer themselves are fully aware of what your house has to offer. Before they list the property, provide your agent with a detailed list of what you have done to improve the home ( include brand names, special features, and what makes your home unique.) Buy a stand-up frame and put the list in it. Place this on a centrally located table with the brochures supplied by your agent. There’s a lot you can do to call attention to the many reason why buyers should choose your house to buy over any others. We’ll be sure to point out all the enticing features that will appeal to buyers searching for a new home. We will use the full range of our expertise, knowledge, and commitment to get you the price you are looking for when it comes time to sell.    “OUR SUCCESS HAS BEEN BUILT ONE SATISIFIED CUSTOMER AT A TIME.”


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